Newby Bridge

£46.70 is what it came to. Half a tank, maybe more and whatever it cost to fill the canister. Plus, the price of the canister too. My right hand stunk of petrol and I’d spilt some down the side of the pickup when releasing the pump, despite shaking off for a reasonable amount of time.Continue reading “Newby Bridge”

Great Mell Fell

The local papers used words such as “shocking, brutal, mindless, horrific, distressing.” One even went as far as to call the victims, “Innocent teenagers.” A nineteen-year-old is an adult. An adult that knows deliberately and repeatedly riding a motorbike through a herd of terrified sheep and their young is a scumbag move; end of story.Continue reading “Great Mell Fell”

Cartmel Fell

There’s a track that becomes too rigorous for vehicles after quarter of a mile, up past old Jimmy Fleming’s, the retired stone mason, who still, occasionally repairs the odd wall after a storm’s caused a bit of bother. Jim Fleming, a master of balancing a fag on his bottom lip, no matter how prevailing aContinue reading “Cartmel Fell”