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Annoyingly, it wasn’t as warm in the mornings yet as it had been twelve months earlier. The warmer the mornings, the more calories burnt on my pre-work walk. I got back to the house and checked my watch – five fifty-two am, and I’d managed to reach the castle ruins this time. The streetlights createdContinue reading “Denouement”

Crinkle Crags

stretched and bent with the satisfaction that I had no particular place to go. A day of ambling through historic streets filled with desirable scents. A smooth sea breeze brought in by the dawn meandered through the delicate cotton drapes that softened the pale-yellow rising sun. Crisp hotel sheets supplied a perfect amount of heatContinue reading “Crinkle Crags”

Newby Bridge

£46.70 is what it came to. Half a tank, maybe more and whatever it cost to fill the canister. Plus, the price of the canister too. My right hand stunk of petrol and I’d spilt some down the side of the pickup when releasing the pump, despite shaking off for a reasonable amount of time.Continue reading “Newby Bridge”

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