Poems and short stories

Short-term Romance

…and just like that it all made sense the everyday pettiness rolled out with the tide leaving a calm and obvious answer a lifted weight a second bottle of red half-way gone dancing, laughing, spirits soaring on the backs of gulls the whimsical flash-pan love of holiday romanticism skipped from star to star like glisteningContinue reading “Short-term Romance”


Saturday, and town buzzed like a pissed off hive Too early to drink at such a pace, but how else are bad ideas spurned on by sensations between the thighs going to turn into guilt ridden conclusions?  Anxiety prevents the lining Just as well, cos no lining gets you flying Then it’s a nose diveContinue reading “Town”

The Fast Lane

A heavy deftness, that can only be felt in autumn, hovered above the ground. Leaves rusted, curled and fell softly onto dew laden grass, paling below. Peter, who had now been up a good hour, watched the beginning of the end of another year from his bedroom window. Autumn had always been his favourite season.Continue reading “The Fast Lane”


Scuffling down the platform, bent over, pulling that fucking stock-filled trolley with the squeeking wheel. His jumper, covered in pulled bits and remnants of a Tesco meal deal He stops, stares into nowhere, picks a bit of dried skin from his left nostril. Looks like a headmaster once told him he’d never amount to anything,Continue reading “Ray”

Tree of Adolescence

I sluggishly buzzed around the pollinated enclosure of modern love like a weary bee during an Indian Summer I took a right and saw you standing there under a flourish of neon lights. The jolt to the system I’d been waiting for The age gap wasn’t a bother as I walked the tightrope from oneContinue reading “Tree of Adolescence”

8 Stone

8 stone50.8 kilograms 112 poundsnot the highest of numbers not the heaviest of weightsbut for her it was a goal, a targether Everest if you willshe’d saved lives whilst battling a personal wara war she could only ultimately win on her ownlike all wars, it lasted too long we were all right there but could only watch onitContinue reading “8 Stone”

The Silent Treatment

After killing time for three hours, wandering aimlessly around the Northern Quarter, I drove to the lighting hire company near Stockport. I had been troubled all day from a fall out with a friend and now more frequently, boss – Ben. The reason I write “more frequently” is because I’m self-employed, but most of myContinue reading “The Silent Treatment”

Production Line

The producer, slumped across her deathbed, looked out across the cityscape Lights from skyscrapers touching stars, would make for quite the final sight Echoed sounds of nurses rushing down wards, beckoning to the attention of those ringing for assistance, reminded her of flight attendants obeying her every need on long haul flights throughout a successfulContinue reading “Production Line”

The Harbour

The tide was beginning to creep around the bottom of the sunken hulls when Charlie, a tall 24-year-old with broad shoulders but otherwise narrow frame, walked down through the cobbled streets, passing tightly packed Cornish fishing cottages, built from rough-faced granite stone. Along the street running adjacent to the harbour, he kicked broken mussel shells,Continue reading “The Harbour”


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