Production Line

The producer, slumped across her deathbed, looked out across the cityscape

Lights from skyscrapers touching stars, would make for quite the final sight

Echoed sounds of nurses rushing down wards, beckoning to the attention of those ringing for assistance, reminded her of flight attendants obeying her every need on long haul flights throughout a successful career

…But that was all over now

Her daughter squeezed her hand. The contrast of temperature between life and death shocked to such a point, two tears instantly ran down each cheek from her glazing eyes

She turned the other way. Her stare transfixed deeply into the luminous beeping green lines, proving she had a heart

Breathing her last breaths with difficulty, she pondered what her last thoughts should be; Awe inspiring? Profound? Being as bullish as ever, staying true to her character, not wanting to die a hypocrite if nothing else. Her mouth curled at the corners, forming a grin, as she wished she’d sent just one more email.    

Published by Christopher Moore

Poems, short stories and gibberish. In no particular order.

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