8 Stone

8 stone
50.8 kilograms 
112 pounds
not the highest of numbers 
not the heaviest of weights
but for her it was a goal, a target
her Everest if you will
she’d saved lives whilst battling a personal war
a war she could only ultimately win on her own
like all wars, it lasted too long 
we were all right there but could only watch on
it was conflicting, painful and infuriating to see
shouting and screaming, the slamming of doors
as she slowly drowned in her once perfectly fit clothes 
at work she could diagnose, guide and heal those in great need 
but to look at herself, she saw an ugliness that was visible only through her blinkered, beautiful blue eyes 
then one day when a pandemic roared through the untouchable modern world 
wiping out thousands upon thousands 
she stepped up to the plate 
she was warned she was too weak 
she wouldn’t be able to help 
she would have to take a back seat 
she would have to sit this one out 
that’s all it took, a warning like that
she fought and punched with all she had 
12 rounds later, bloodied and battered 
she swayed uneasy inside the stained ring 
the monster lay by her feet, out for the count.
It wasn’t plain sailing from there on out 
it was a daily battle and will continue to be.
One summer morning on a rare day off 
she dressed for a date feeling upbeat
yellow vest, crop denim jeans she had the surfer chick vibe down to a tee
walking down the street with a spring in her step 
she was stopped by a man, a stranger
who knew nothing of her and her of him
‘no mirrors in your house?’ he scoffed 
and walked off without a care in the world 
she turned back
scuttled back inside
ding ding round one, all over again. 

Published by Christopher Moore

Poems, short stories and gibberish. In no particular order.

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