Annoyingly, it wasn’t as warm in the mornings yet as it had been twelve months earlier. The warmer the mornings, the more calories burnt on my pre-work walk. I got back to the house and checked my watch – five fifty-two am, and I’d managed to reach the castle ruins this time. The streetlights createdContinue reading “Denouement”

Great Mell Fell

The local papers used words such as “shocking, brutal, mindless, horrific, distressing.” One even went as far as to call the victims, “Innocent teenagers.” A nineteen-year-old is an adult. An adult that knows deliberately and repeatedly riding a motorbike through a herd of terrified sheep and their young is a scumbag move; end of story.Continue reading “Great Mell Fell”

Cartmel Fell

There’s a track that becomes too rigorous for vehicles after quarter of a mile, up past old Jimmy Fleming’s, the retired stone mason, who still, occasionally repairs the odd wall after a storm’s caused a bit of bother. Jim Fleming, a master of balancing a fag on his bottom lip, no matter how prevailing aContinue reading “Cartmel Fell”

Helvellyn Part ii

I stood motionless, staring at the body. For a second I thought I saw it move, or maybe it was just his jacket rippling in the wind. It was hard to tell. I lifted my eyes, keeping my head low, cautiously observing left to right. I couldn’t see a soul. Turning quickly, I looked behind.Continue reading “Helvellyn Part ii”

Helvellyn: Part i

Friday. One o’clock finish. Any working day that ends at one is alright in my book. It was ten AM. The beautiful mind in me calculated that four, no three hours remained. Despite the early finish Fridays had a tendency to drag. Expectation lingered, pushing against the ticking hands of time. The kettle boiled. TheContinue reading “Helvellyn: Part i”

Cockshott Point

The brew hut was a chamber pot of toxicity. The manager, a fervent supporter of schadenfreude, constantly scoured the workplace for any signs of joy that he could rip out like a rose amongst thorns. What events must have unfolded in his life for him to have ended up so bitter, so full of hate?Continue reading “Cockshott Point”